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We are professional manufactory for microwave dryer.
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Latest Inquiries of Nasan Industrial Food Dryer in July, 2020

Views: 2549 Update date: Aug 10,2020

industrial food dryerShanghai Nasan Industry Co., Ltd. located in the China's economic center Shanghai. Nasan has more than 15 years manufacturing experience of industrial food dryer. Nasan has excellent quality management team, professional research team and skilled production workers ensure consistent product quality. At present Nasan product export to more than 30 countries and regions, such as United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand and so on, our product was well received by these client. Nasan will insist on company spirit of "pioneering spirit, never satisfied," business philosophy of "socially responsible", company culture of "honesty, pragmatism, innovation, development ", provide better quality products and services for every client around the world.

As the most reliable and experienced industrial food dryer manufacturer, we got many inquiries from our potential clients every day, and we would like to share some of them with you:






Hello O need strawberry drying machine. Nv-72 model looks good to me. I need 1000 kg / day capacity. Please send ne your offer as DAP Pamukova, Sakarya, Turkey. Thank you.

2020-07-31 15:20:24



Wish u to enquire about microwave sterilize.

2020-07-30 16:40:38



Dear Sirs, I would like to know prices and terms for vacuum microwave dryers, models below. -Model: NV-18 NV-36 NV-48 -Voltage: 380V -Frequency: 60 Hz -Freight: CIF Brazil Wainting for your prompty reply. Regards, C***

2020-07-29 04:13:38



I am interested in your MICROWAVE VACUUM DRYER machine NV-18. Please advise price and availability and specifications. I am a farmer in Australia, with chestnuts. Thank you

2020-07-28 09:23:12



Dear Sirs, Hoping you are well, I would like to quote a small capacity Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machines with a drying capacity from 0,6 to 1 kilo per hour. Please send models do you have in this range of capacity, including specs (ie.: Microwave Power (KW), Apparent power (KVA), Frequency (HZ), Maximum water vaporize (Kg/hr), Microwave (Gh), Microwave leakage (Mw/cm3), and other relevantes like radiation risk exposure and security standard., images and video links if available. The objective is to dry fresh veggie and fruit chips, and liquid fruit pures and raw meat slices. Best regards, Dante

2020-07-27 13:34:27



Could you please send me a quotation for this machine which microvave dryer?

2020-07-26 11:51:50



Dear Sir, Please provide me with your best quotation price for drying Fruit Production line. Please keep in Consideration variety of quantity, installation and consultancy fees. Thanks H***

2020-07-24 07:03:00


If you are also interested with our industrial food dryer, please visit our website www.nasandryer.com for more information. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us at info@nasan.com.cn.

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