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We are professional manufactory for microwave dryer.
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Company News

  • Latest Inquiries of Nasan Industrial Food Dryer in July, 2020
    Latest Inquiries of Nasan Industrial Food Dryer in July, 2020
    Date : Aug 10 , 2020 | View : 1812
    Shanghai Nasan Industry Co., Ltd. located in the China's economic center Shanghai. Nasan has more than 15 years manufacturing experience of industrial food dryer. Nasan has excellent quality management team, professional research team and skilled production workers ensure consistent product quality. At present Nasan...
  • Microwave sterilize
    Microwave sterilize
    Date : Jul 15 , 2018 | View : 1991
    Microwave sterilization temperature is from 65℃ to105℃, period is from 90 to 360 seconds. Microwave thermal effects change the bacterial protein, make it lose nutrition, reproduction and survival conditions and death. Microwave electromagnetic field can make normal growth and stability of the genetic...
  • Microwave refers
    Microwave refers
    Date : Jul 15 , 2018 | View : 1738
    Microwave refers to the electromagnetic waves frequency between 300MHz-300GHz, wavelength is between 1mm to 1m. Our equipment adopt 2450MHz microwave because this is the highest heat efficiency. 
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